CROWN Act Additional Resources

Hair Discrimination in the Workplace – Share Your Story

MiCrown Act Petition

What Can Be Done About Hair Discrimination

CROWN Act Pioneer Wendy Greene’s #freethehair WebsiteDetails the issue and shares a variety of articles on the subject.

States and Cities are Banning Hair Discrimination, Here’s How That’s Affecting Schools

Resource Page from Dove’s CROWN Act WebsiteIncludes links to e-mail your local reps, templates, info on where to get help, etc.

“Emi’s Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair” A children’s book about natural hair for girls.

“Crown” A children’s book about natural hair for boys.

2021 Dove CROWN Research Study for Girls 

How to File a Complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights

Dove | As Early As Five | End Race-Based Hair DiscriminationInspired by real stories, this short film by DOVE depicts three scenarios of race-based hair discrimination experienced throughout the lifetime of a young Black girl through adulthood. 

Antiracism: A Resource Guide: The CROWN ActStarted in 2020, this guide prepared by Skyline College Library contains resources in diverse formats compiled for a variety of audiences.